Woohoo! Character artwork!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I just thought I’d share something I’m very excited about with you quickly. As you might recall, I said that I had ordered some artwork for my second entry in The Unusual Suspects.

Well, I received the character sketch for my character Varian Blackthorne last night. Turned out really well, and I’ve already updated the post with it. You can see it here:

The Unusual Suspects – Varian Blackthorne

For anyone looking to get their own character sketches done, I’d highly recommend checking out the artists page on Fiverr. His sketches are $5 for a single character with a simple background, and you can add extras if you’d like. For example, I added another $5 to get a more detailed background, since I really wanted to show him in a bar. If you want a more detailed or polished picture, you can add more. Personally I really love the sketch style that he uses, so I normally just get the basic sketch and add a bit extra for a background or a little more detail.

He’ll do pretty much any character style, you can see some examples of his work here:

Draw Your Character

Expect to see more of his artwork in my updates in the near future.

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