Shattered Star: Comedy of Errors.

Hey guys,

So, I’ll do a quick recap of a previous game’s comedy of errors for your enjoyment.


After a couple of days rest and recovery, the party decided to return to the Crow to continue exploration past the burning doors. Magnus was unfortunately too ill to accompany the rest of the party, due to his suffering from Filth Fever (which has now been cured).

Shortly after entering the unexplored part of the complex, the group found an ancient bathhouse. While investigating the scumming water that remained in the pool, a couple of giant amoebas attacked. One of them managed to heavily wound Zamnil the Ranger with repeated slam attacks, while the other latched onto Aeros’ face and did it’s best to crush his head. While the rest of the party dealt with the one attacking Zamnil, Aeros attempted to fight off his opponent by heating up his own armour in an attempt to burn it away. When that failed, he magically flung his battle aspergillum at it, unfortunately managing to smash his own face while completely missing the amoeba. After Aeros knocked himself out, the rest of the party managed to destroy the amoeba and Zamnil poured a potion down Aeros’ throat to revive him.

At this point the party took a brief rest for some healing. Perhaps not enough healing, as the following events show.

The party proceeded down another passage, when Zamnil found a secret door. It led to a room that contained a pool of sea water, and a stone column holding a bucket. When Dash investigated the bucket, he found that it was full of dead bats. Dash proceeded to tip the bats into the water, then leapt back to the ledge, at which point three spiders the size of dogs emerged from holes in the wall of the pool. They quickly covered the party in web and started biting. With two of the party already weakened from the fight with the amoebas, they were quickly going under. Tybalt quickly decided to make a risky play to try and kill the spiders at the risk of further harming his friends. He channelled his emergency reserves of arcane power through his ring in order to transmute one of his prepared spells into a wave of fire that engulfed everyone else in the room. Zamnil and Dash succumbed to the flames and passed out, while Aeros was let barely standing. Unfortunately the spiders managed to escape the worst of it, and came out relatively unscathed. They killed Aeros, subdued Tybalt, and began to finish off the rest of the party

At this stage Aeros was already dead, while the rest of the party weren’t far off. Mike handed Evan the Best Friend plot twist card, and I advised that if used to call a reliable ally, at least one of the party may survive. Evan thought about this and played the card. The next few events were partially based on luck of the dice and a little bit of additional bias in the party’s favour due to the use of the card.

Just in time to see Dash take his final breath, Koriah swam into the room through a secret passage she had discovered, and climbed out of the water. She quickly killed the spider that was biting at Zamnil and healed him with a wand, then dragged him through the passage to the outside. After Zamnil was outside, Koriah attempted to return for Tybalt, but although she successfully killed the remaining spiders, he bled out before she could rescue him. Fearful that more spiders would be on the way, she swiftly returned to Zamnil and helped him return to the Pathfinder’s Lodge to recover. Along the way, she broke the news that he was the sole survivor. Ominously, she also mentioned that the spiders she had killed were wearing tiny saddles, suggesting that they were steeds for some kind of inhabitant of the complex within the Crow.

After this, the group started re-rolling characters while I watched Dilbert and dozed on the couch. I believe we now have a Bladebound Magus, a second Spell-less Ranger (focused on ranged combat rather than two weapon fighting) and a Rogue.


So, almost a TPK, narrowly averted by use of a plot twist card. Catcha later!

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