Battle Report: Warzone Resurrection CSS League, Season 1, Round 1 – Bauhaus vs Dark Legion

So it’s been a stupidly long time since I’ve posted anything on here. Well over twelve months. There’s been a lot of ups and downs in that time, but one of the consistent things has been that I’ve struggled to write absolutely anything, even for my RPG groups… well, group, because by the middle of last year I only had one left, and even that had to be put on hold. The one thing that helped keep me sane during this time is miniature wargaming. I threw myself pretty hard into play-testing the second edition of Relic Knights, an anime themed skirmish game, where I play the Cerci Speed Circuit, a faction of gangsters, racers, mechanics and security forces from a planet devoted entirely to racing.

More recently, I picked up Warzone Resurrection, a new edition of the old Warzone game that was a spin-off of the Mutant Chronicles RPG. Thanks to my friend Evan knowing some people clearing out their collections, I managed to pick up a pretty good selection of second hand minis for the Bauhaus faction, one of the five Megacorporations that, in this setting, are more like sovereign states. Bauhaus are heavily based on Europe, particularly Prussia, with their basic troops, the Hussars, going so far as to wear Pickelhauben. This is a pretty common theme in Warzone, with three of the other Megacorps being similarly based on Earth cultures. Mishima are a mix of Asian cultures, though primarily Japan, with a lot of anime style mecha tropes worked in; Capitol are the USA via Doom and Fallout; and Imperial is split into two factions, with the Ministry of War representing the WWI and later British military forces, and the Wolfbane Clans having a theme that mixes Celtic warriors and mysticism with techno-punk. The other corporation is Cybertronic, the cyberpunk faction. To round out the game, there’s also the Brotherhood, a militant church group that act as the uniting force of humanity against the final faction, the Dark Legion, a group of inter-dimensional demons and monsters led by a group of five demigods known as the Dark Apostles.

So just after Christmas, Evan and I joined something called Conquest of the Solar System, which is essentially a worldwide league for Warzone Resurrection. Obviously we can’t play against players in other locations, but our games here contribute to the worldwide rankings for our factions, and their control over the various planets, moons and asteroids they inhabit. As part of this, I decided to write battle reports for my games, and as an experiment, decided to try and write my first one with a narrative wrapped around it. This turned out to be just what I needed to at least start getting past my writers block. Having a framework to build the narrative around really helped me get it written. It’s not my finest work, but it’s a start, and I’m hoping that if I keep going with these reports, and start working in some other writing here and there, I might be able to get back into a bit of a rhythm with it.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. The battle report is below. Sections in italics are the actual explanation of what was going on in the game at the time.

Game Setup: Having laid out terrain that looked something like farmland, it was agreed that since the mission was advance base, and it had landed on emergence point of a spring fed from underground, the narrative of the mission would be that the Dark Legion were passing through on their way to a larger battle, and were opportunistically attempting to poison/taint the water supply used for irrigation and human consumption in this area. The Bauhaus forces had intel that the Dark Legion were on the move, and intercepted them in time to prevent their plans, as well as hopefully turn them back from their larger goal.

Terrain View 1.jpg

The field of battle, ready for armies to be deployed.

Excerpt from the journal of Tinker von Goten, Kapitan of the 131st Hussars Regiment, regarding an encounter with the Dark Legion on Venus.

I can’t remember the last time I was this tired. Probably the last time I was in combat. I suspect that it’s always this bad afterwards, and my mind just won’t let me fully comprehend it, for the sake of my sanity. The real joke is that the last few days don’t even come close to being the worst I’ve seen during my time with the Bauhaus military. There have been days where the only reason I could see for my survival is that, for some unknown reason, the Light decided to shine on me a little brighter than usual. Yet despite that, somehow this still seems like the worst I’ve ever felt.

I was recently attached to the 131st Hussars, replacing a Kapitan who was lost to a Mishima scouting party when his patrol route led him into their path. The troops are some of the finest I’ve seen. They can be rowdy and a bit rough around the edges, but when it comes down to it, they are paragons of discipline. I would expect no less from soldiers of Bauhaus. The corporation gives us all we need, and no true child of Bauhaus would be anything less than willing to give their lives in defense of it. We’ve been deployed in the area surrounding Heimburg for a few months now, patrolling the jungles for signs of incursions from other corporate forces or, Light forbid, the filth of the Dark Legion ranging out from their Citadels. Venus is a beautiful planet, but you can never forget the dangers that abound. She’ll punish you for that, and you won’t even see it coming.

When I returned from my last patrol, there was a message waiting in my quarters, requesting that I present myself to the offices of Marshal Becker at my earliest convenience. One doesn’t keep their commanding officer waiting, so as soon as I had removed the worst of the grime from our foray into the jungle, I made my way to the command station. I was shown through immediately, and found myself standing around a tactical map with the Marshal, another Kapitan of the 131st by the name of Alphonse Steiner, and two men I had never met, but knew by reputation. Colonel Herbert B. Marbach, a man known for his keen tactical mind, vast knowledge, and a rather frightening readiness to duel to the death over the slightest insult to the honour of his family; and Max Steiner, one of the most highly respected members of the Venusian Rangers, and one of the fiercest enemies the Dark Legion could have. After a round of introductions, the Marshal explained the situation. Word had been received of a Legion force making its way towards Bauhaus controlled farmlands. Their final destination was unknown, but there was no doubt that they would destroy our agricultural facilities in the area if left unchecked on their way through, and that was unacceptable. To that end, Alphonse and I had been seconded to Max’s command for a time. He and the Rangers would lead the assault on the enemy, Alphonse and Colonel Marbach would command a squad of Hussars to hold our lines, and I had been assigned a small force of Armoured Hussars, or Juggernauts as the other corporations insist on calling them, and I must admit that the name has merit, to act as heavy fire support. Latest intel put the enemy at roughly three days out, and the most likely point of interception was a good two days away, so we were moving out at dawn. I gathered my men, briefed them on the mission, and began the preparations for departure.

The next two days were largely spent with Max, the Colonel and Alphonse, discussing what we were likely to be walking into. I could see where Max had got his reputation. He had an easy manner with the troops, cracking jokes and putting them at ease, but there was something in his eyes that suggested he was more concerned about the mission than he was letting on. Colonel Marbach was friendly enough, though a more traditional nobleman, and somewhat aloof. He did however demonstrate his skill with the blade during a sparring match with Alphonse, which was a most enlightening, and entertaining, spectacle. The man’s abilities cannot be overstated, and I doubt that my brother Kapitan will forget it anytime soon. Alphonse was his usual irritating self. He’s a fine officer, but there’s just something about him that rubs people the wrong way. His voice maybe, it has a reedy whine to it. His troops will follow his orders, as they should, but they don’t seem to respect him the same way they do myself or the other Kapitans. I was right though, he is a distant cousin of the great man himself, though Max seems inclined to try and ignore the relationship as much as possible. Can’t say I blame him. During the travel, the Rangers scouted ahead, with the Hussars keeping an eye on the immediate area around our transports.

We arrived at the chosen interception point close to dusk on the second day, with just enough light left to inspect the area. Ruined buildings and the odd copse of trees dotted the otherwise mostly open ground, fortifications from another war long ago. Nestled amongst them were huts used by the workers who tended the agricultural operations. From below a ruin built on a hill near the centre of the field, a spring emerged, with a small amount of equipment built over the mouth of it, to regulate flow and maintain water quality. This spring not only fed the irrigation systems for the surrounding farmland, but was also used for the day to day needs of the workers. Command was concerned that the Dark Legion would not only physically destroy our facilities here, but somehow taint the water supply, doing untold damage to our operations in the area for years to come. We quickly evacuated the workers, sending them off in one of the transports, while securing the most likely positions we would take to engage the enemy. After preparations were complete, the troops slept and kept watch in shifts.

The call came just as dawn was breaking. Max and half the Rangers had gone out to scout, and had spotted the advance guard of the enemy forces, a shambling mass of corpses, made up of the fallen soldiers of the corporations. The Undead Legionnaires, a mockery of our own military forces. Driving them on was one of those damned Necromutants. The remaining rangers donned their masks and camouflage cloaks, grabbed their rifles and ran into the field, seeming to melt into the terrain right before my eyes. Alphonse and I mounted our horses, yelling for our troops to get in position. His Hussars prepared to move into the ruins where they could take cover and pick their shots, having been selected for their exceptional marksmanship and ability to shoot at extraordinary range. My squad strapped themselves into their armour with all haste, and launched themselves into the field, ready to engage wherever the fighting was thickest. As we finished taking our positions, we could see the enemy approaching. A small army of the dead, outnumbering us near two to one, led by more Necromutants. On their flank were two hulking monsters, armed with enormous evil looking guns. Razides. And there, right in the thick of the horde of Legionnaires were two figures, towering over their soldiers. Nepharites, the generals of the Legion. One of them I didn’t recognise, though it was distinctive enough, wearing black armour that was stark against its red scaly skin and horns, carrying what appeared to be the unholy bastard child of a gigantic chainripper and a cannon. The other I knew of, and had hoped to never see. Golgotha, the so called Mistress of Pain. A near nude, unnaturally pale woman, near ten feet tall at a guess, with horrific looking claws extending from her back, lashing around her. As they saw us, they drew to a halt, the shambling forces drawing into loose ranks around them. I uttered a brief prayer, and prepared for the battle ahead.

Deployment: The Advanced Base objective marker scattered to just at the mouth of the spring, below the central ruins. The Hussars were deployed just behind the raised ruins in front of them, allowing them to move forward and cover a fair amount of the field if they went into Sentry. Juggernauts were deployed to the right of the Hussars, and used their Pre-Emptive Strike to get as far into the field as possible, since their low speed would make it more difficult for them to move and engage without spending resources. Max and one squad of Venusian Rangers were Infiltrated into a copse of trees (rough terrain and area cover) on the far right of the board, in the opponent’s half. The second squad of Venusian Rangers Stalk Infiltrated into the middle of the board, so they could move in on the objective once they revealed themselves.


Turn 1: Initiative won by Bauhaus

  • Bauhaus: Hussars move into cover, 4 MG-40 Hussars and 1 AG-17 Hussar, and the attached Kapitan go into Sentry

Pic 1 - The Hussars Dig In

  • Dark Legion: Nepharite moves Undead Legionnaires forward using By My Will, also casting Invoke Frenzy on the lead squad, then advances. The Kapitan activates from Sentry, and spends RES (4) on Supply Chain Markers, then drops a Weapon Cooling Pack buff. 2 Sentry Hussars activate and kill 3 Legionnaires, 1 Hussar fails to activate.
  • Bauhaus: Venusian Rangers and Max activate. The ARG-17 armed Ranger fires an anti-personnel rocket at the centre of the mass of Legionnaires. He misses the shot, but gets an extremely lucky scatter that managers to remove 4 out of 10 Legionnaires. The other Rangers all Evade for AP (0) due to Tarnung doctrine, use Battle Focus, and shoot the Legionnaires. The squad commander gets a kill, putting him halfway to completing the Sniper Training faction mission. Max uses Battle Focus, then divides his shots amongst the remaining Legionnaires. Between Max and the AG-17 armed Rangers, they take out another 5 Legionnaires, leaving 1 and the Necromutant in play.

Pic 3 - Max & VRs meet the ULs

  • Dark Legion: Undead Legionnaires with Invoke Frenzy move up. 2 remaining MG-40 Hussars on Sentry activate, but only manage to kill 1 Legionnaire
  • Bauhaus: Juggernauts activate. First Juggernaut activates, kills 4 Legionnaires from the Invoke Frenzy Squad, generating 4 Supply Chain Markers. Kapitan activates, spends 4 markers for Weapon Cooling Packs to boost ROA, takes a shot and kills a Legionnaire. The next Juggernaut managed to kill the last 4 Legionnaires in the squad and the Necromutant. Squad wiped out.

Pic 4 - The Juggernauts Egage the Enemy

  • Dark Legion: Razides activate, one makes a Spot action against the nearby Stalk Marker for the 2nd Venusian Ranger squad. Does not reveal them. Razides advance.
  • Bauhaus: Marbach moves up behind the Hussars, uses Evade.
  • Dark Legion: 3rd squad of Legionnaires activate, pay RES (1) for Black Bullets, advance and attack Hussars in cover. 2 MG-40 armed Hussars killed, both Get the Gun checks are successful.
  • Bauhaus: Venusian Rangers in stalk move.
  • Dark Legion: Necromutant and lone UL try to spot nearby Venusian Ranger Stalk Marker, both fail.
  • Dark Legion: 4th Legionnaire squad moves forward to attack Juggernauts and Hussars with Black Bullets. 1 AG-17 armed Hussar killed, all other shots miss or are tanked by the Juggernauts with their high Armour saves.
  • Dark Legion: Golgotha moves forward and uses the Indigestion power on a Hussar. Hussar lives by rolling a 1 on his willpower save to resist.

As Alphonse and his Hussars rushed forward into the ruins, finding their positions and preparing to fire, the unknown Nepharite let out a chilling roar. The Legionnaires broke into a shambling run, splitting into four distinct groups. As they came into range, the Hussars began to carefully take their shots. A few of the foul things fell and were still, but there was no noticeable thinning of their ranks. My head whipped around as there was a dull rushing noise followed by an explosion and a hail of gunfire from the trees on the right flank of the enemy. When the dust settled, the squad of Legionnaires closest to the trees had been reduced to two corpses and a Necromutant. That answered the question of where Max and his Rangers had ended up.

As the Legionnaires continued to advance, with one or two falling to continued shots from the Hussars, one of my Juggernauts, Wagner, broke ranks and advanced ahead of orders. As I watched him mow down several of the foe with a burst from his MG-70, I was torn between cursing him for not waiting for orders and being impressed with his skill. There was no time for having it out though, and I spurred my mount forward, taking aim and sending a bullet clean through the head of one of the undead. The other Juggernauts moved up and laid down fire, managing to wipe out the remainder of the lead squad of Legionnaires and their Necromutant, though not before a few Hussars fell to their bullets, their MG-40s being collected and repurposed by their squadmates.

The Razides moved in along the left flank, sniffing for something in the long grass, I could only assume they had caught the scent of the second squad of Rangers. At the same time, Golgotha strode forward, and seemed to focus her gaze on the foremost Hussar in the ruins. Even from my position to the side of her, I could feel the energy of whatever she was doing, as if the air had gone foul and greasy, with an electric tang to it. Whatever she did, for a moment, he looked like he was going to buckle, as he started to fall to one knee, his face contorted in pain. I have no doubt that it should have killed him, but the Light and the Cardinal must have been smiling on him that day, and with a scream of agony he managed to get back to his feet, and raised his rifle once more. I could almost see the frustrated rage boiling off her as she realised her plan had failed.

Turn 2: Initiative won by Bauhaus

  • Bauhaus: Juggernauts activate. Kapitan drops the Weapon Cooling Pack and Reinforced Armour Plates buffs. Juggernauts attack swarm of Undead Legionnaires with boosted ROA from Kapitan, using their Extended Magazine doctrine to spread shoots out wide across as many targets as possible. 6 kills.
  • Dark Legion:  Undead Legionnaires that Juggernauts attacked return fire with Black Bullets. 1 Juggernaut takes a wound from Necromutant.
  • Bauhaus: Hussars take out 4 Undead Legionnaires from the largest remaining squad.
  • Dark Legion: Razides fire on Hussars. 1 hit on AG-17 Hussar saved, no other hits.
  • Bauhaus: Max and Venusian Rangers activate. Squad Commander buys an action, throws a motion beacon, Evades, Battle Focuses, and shoots a Legionnaire, but cannot wound. The other 3 AG-17 Rangers kill one Legionnaire between them. ARG-17 armed Ranger Battle Focuses, then fires a CF(2) Anti-Armour rocket at Golgotha. Armour save failed, Heal saves unsuccessful. 2 wounds left. Max Battle Focuses, then fires 4 rounds at Golgotha. 1 shot connects, leaving Golgotha on 1 wound.
  • Dark Legion:  Necromutant and lone Legionnaire squad deal 1 wound to Max, the other shot hits a Venusian Ranger who makes his armour save. Max has 3 wounds left.
  • Bauhaus: Marbach moved into cover and evaded
  • Dark Legion:  Nepharite Battle Focuses his Fist of Malice at Max and buys an additional ROA. 1 hit, bounced to a Ranger, who tanks it like a champ with an Armour save
  • Bauhaus: 2nd Squad of Venusian Rangers come out of stalk. Squad Commander drops Motion Beacon near the largest mass of Legionnaires left, Whole squad shoots at closest Razide, only manage to deal 1 wound.
  • Dark Legion:  Remaining large squad of Legionnaires focus fire on the 2nd squad of Venusian Rangers, kill all but the ARG-17 armed Ranger. Break test failed, Ranger begins running towards Bauhaus deployment zone.

Pic 5 - Lone VR breaks and runs

  • Dark Legion:  Golgotha uses Golgotha’s Mirror to teleport into the area cover that the nearby Necromutant and lone Legionnaire are in.

The loss of so many of their soldiers in rapid succession seemed to have caused the Nepharites to pause for a moment, considering their strategy. Taking advantage of the brief lull, I called for weapon cooling packs and additional armour plates for my Juggernauts from the supply technicians at our nearby transport. Within minutes, the squad was equipped to weather the furious assault that was surely incoming. Shifting to maximise their field of fire, they rained hell on the Legionnaires. Between the Hussars and their efforts, they took out nearly half of the remaining undead. The foul creatures returned fire, but only one of their shots managed to penetrate the armour of Wagner’s suit. He roared as he recovered his footing, equal parts pain and a challenge to the foe to try and do that again. His earlier insubordination aside, never had I felt more pride in one of the men in my charge than at that moment.

As the Hussars did their best to avoid the incoming fire from the Razides, Max and his Rangers made their move. A small device was thrown from the trees where they were concealing themselves, landing amongst the closest group of Legionnaires. As it lit up, I realised it was a beacon, highlighting the nearby enemies to make it easier for our troops to land their shots. Four quick shots rang out, but only one Legionnaire stayed down, the others managing to stand and fight again. Less than a second later, a rocket screamed out of the trees towards Golgotha, closely followed by a hail of bullets from what was unmistakably Max’s blessed weapon. The rocket hit her square in the chest, clearly wounding her, though she still stood. Most of Max’s shots went wide, unsurprising at that range, but one seemed to graze her at the very least, and she loosed a scream of primal fury as she turned and disappeared into thin air, reappearing a moment later in a nearby bit of flooded land where she was able to take cover, as her Nepharite companion fired what looked like three cannon shells from his monstrous gun straight at Max. Two of them flew wide, but the third had flown true. If one of the Rangers hadn’t knocked him out of the way with a diving tackle at the last second, it’s entirely possible that he wouldn’t be here today. The Ranger miraculously survived, his armour absorbing the worst of the explosion as he was in the air at the time.

The second squad of Rangers almost seemed to have used the same trick as Golgotha, appearing out of nowhere near the mouth of the spring as they threw back their camo cloaks. Their leader threw a targeting beacon nearby, then the whole squad focused their fire on the Razides. Unfortunately, while they wounded one, they were unable to kill either of them, and the mass of walking corpses nearby simply returned fire and decimated the squad. Only their heavy weapons specialist survived, turning to flee the field. I cannot bring myself to think ill of him for breaking after seeing all of his comrades killed in seconds. Thinking back on it, I believe they knew they were almost certainly going to die. The Razides were closing in, and they realised that if they were going to make their deaths mean anything, they needed to get that beacon deployed, so that the rest of us could finish the job. They did their duty at the cost of their lives, and I will be toasting their bravery and dedication for a long time to come.

Turn 3: Initiative won by Bauhaus

  • Bauhaus: Max and the Venusian Rangers activate. Max Battle Focuses, buys an additional ROA, and fires 5 shots at Golgotha. 2 Powershots make short work of her. Squad Commander Evades, Battle Focuses and shoots an Undead Legionnaire, but misses. The remaining Rangers focus fire on the Nepharite, dealing 2 wounds. 
  • Dark Legion:  Undead Legionnaires attack the Hussars and kill 3 MG-40 Hussars. 1 Get the Gun check succeeds, allowing another Hussar to pick up the fallen soldier’s MG-40.
  • Bauhaus: Juggernauts activate. Kapitan drops Reinforced Armour Plating and Weapon Cooling Packs. First Juggernaut finishes the Nepharite off, the others move around towards the objective and start pouring fire on the large Undead Legionnaire squad there, using their Prometheus flamethrowers and MG-70s. Half the squad removed, 3 Legionnaires and Necromutant remain.

Pic 9 - Juggernauts move to secure the objective

  • Dark Legion:  Razides activate and hammer Juggernauts, they tank all 4 shots on Armour saves.
  • Bauhaus: The remaining 2 MG-40 Hussars and 1 AG-17 Hussar activate and kill the remaining 3 Legionnaires in the squad sitting near the objective. Juggernauts are now uncontested on the objective.
  • Dark Legion:  3 Undead Legionnaires and Necromutant fire on the Juggernauts to no effect.
  • Bauhaus: ARG-17 Ranger from 2nd squad fails to regroup, almost runs off the table.
  • Dark Legion:  Necromutant and lone Undead Legionnaire fire on Max and the rangers. Max gets grazed by one shot, but a ranger dives in front to save him from another, while another Ranger goes down hard with a failed armour save. Max now on 2 wounds, 2 AG-17 Rangers have died.

Pic 10 - Venusian Ranger Squad finishes Sniper Training

  • Bauhaus: Marbach runs into the objective area, hiding behind a juggernaut.

A scream of triumph sounded from where Max and the Rangers were lurking. It looked like Max had managed to, if not kill Golgotha, since we never found her body, at least drive her from the field. With her threat neutralised, the Rangers switched to focus on the other Nepharite, and successfully forced a few rounds through its armour. One of my Juggernauts continued to hammer it with MG-70 rounds, and finally the beast fell. Meanwhile, the others began to move to secure the water filtration station, making use of their heavy Prometheus flamethrowers and MG-70s to clear the dead men who were closing in on it. The Razides returned fire at the Juggernauts, but were unable to penetrate their armoured suits. By this stage, Alphonse’s Hussars had taken heavy losses, and were down to just three men left. They managed to finish the job that the Juggernauts had started, laying to rest the last few undead that were still standing.

Where Golgotha had fallen, there was still a Necromutant standing, along with his lone Legionnaire. They unloaded everything they had at Max and his Rangers, killing one outright and grazing Max, while the same Ranger that had saved him from the Nepharite earlier leapt in front of him to take the last bullet for him. Tragically, his luck didn’t hold, and he was lost to the bullet as it went clean through the eye of his mask.

Turn 4: Initiative won by Bauhaus

  • Bauhaus: Max and the rangers activate. Squad Commander gets his second Evade and Battle Focus kill with a Power Shot against a lone Necromutant. Sniper Training mission complete. Max and the last AG-17 Ranger kill the remaining Undead Legionnaires, ARG-17 Ranger uses an Anti-Armour rocket to take out the nearby Necromutant.
  • Dark Legion:  Razides move in and attack Juggernauts. 1 already wounded Juggernaut dies. 

Pic 11 - Razides move in, kill Juggernaut

  • Bauhaus: Juggernauts activate, kill last remaining Necromutant, as well as firing on the Razides, but cannot kill them.
  • Bauhaus: Rocket Ranger regroups and avoids running off the end of the table.
  • Bauhaus: Hussars activate, kill 1 Razide, cannot kill the last one. Kapitan moves into objective area.
  • Game Ends: Advanced Base objective is completed by Bauhaus at end of Turn 4. Final result is 20-0 to Bauhaus (10 MP from completing Advanced Base primary mission, 5 MP from completing Sniper Training faction mission, and 5 MP from Max Steiner eliminating Golgotha)

Pic 12 - The Battle Ends

Max brought his HMG, the famed Deathlockdrum, to bear on the Legionnaire and Necromutant who had just killed his men. With a torrent of fire, he was able to eliminate both of them. The remaining Rangers eliminated the last few of Legionnaires on the field, and the Necromutant that was leading them. My squad of Juggernauts were taking heavy fire from the Razides, and as Wagner tried to line up a shot on them, his armour finally failed. I swore as I saw him fall, and raised my rifle to try and take revenge. But Razides are tough beasts, and it simply shrugged off my shot. The remaining Juggernauts moved in to cover me, eliminating the creature who had killed their squadmate, while also taking out the final Necromutant, but they couldn’t finish off the second Razide, which fled into the jungle.

I radioed in a message to be relayed to all patrols in the direction the Razide was heading. No one should have to be surprised by a rampaging wounded monster like that. After that, I requested a small force to be posted to this area for a time, in case the Legion made a return to try again when they thought we had been weakened, then turned to survey the area. I saw Max and his men returning across the field. He had handed off his gun to one of the Rangers, and was cradling the body of the man who had saved him twice, only to lose his own life. Another ranger was carrying the body of their other comrade, dead of a bullet through the neck. We gathered the rest of our dead, and carefully laid them in one of the transports. Their bodies would be cleaned and repaired as best we could manage, then those who had family in Heimburg or nearby settlements would be returned to them for burial. The rest would be given a soldier’s burial. I exchanged a glance with Alphonse, and knew that both of us would be attending each of their funerals. I may not much like the man, but he is a good officer and cares for his men, and I will never hear a word that says otherwise. Max clapped the shoulder of the lone survivor of his second squad of Rangers, speaking softly to him. The other Rangers huddled around them, consoling each other for the loss of their friends.

So. We won the day, though not unscathed. Most of Alphonse’s squad had been lost, and I had lost one of my own. Six of the fearsome Venusian Rangers had been lost, and Max was seriously wounded, though still standing, thank the Light. The battle will no doubt be hailed as a great victory by our commanders, rolled out as propaganda to show the overwhelming power of the Bauhaus military, and in all fairness, it was. We routed the enemy, we protected our citizens, and we prevented serious damage to our infrastructure. But it’s a funny word, victory. A very simple word, that says a lot about honour and glory, and overcoming the foe against all odds… but it doesn’t say a damn thing about the cost. And there is always a cost. We pay it, and gladly, in the service of our people and Corporation, but it’s never easy, and it hurts us every time.

I really can’t remember the last time I was this tired. By the Cardinal, I need a drink. A drink, and to sleep for a week.

So that’s it, the first piece of writing I’ve done in over a year, and hopefully the first of many more to come over the following year or more. At the very least I’ll have another battle report in a week or two, since round two of the league is about to start. If you’d like to have a look at the Conquest of the Solar System League, you can find the details for it here: Warzone Resurrection – Conquest of the Solar System League. You can find out more about Warzone Resurrection at Prodos Games.

That’s all from me for now, so until next time, take it easy, and may the dice roll your way.

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