So many films, so little time…

So, I’ve obviously been absent again for a while. As you might recall, my last post was related to the 17th Canberra International Film Festival, and I mentioned that I was seeing 18 or 19 films throughout it. I had planned to be posting my thoughts on each film as I saw them, and doing more in depth discussions on the ones I enjoyed the most, but it turns out that seeing that many films takes a huge amount of your time. Add that to the fact that I spent the weekend showing a colleague from Washington, D.C. around the city, and I’ve had practically no time to myself for the last week and a bit.

At this stage, I’m 13 films into my 19, and the last one will be showing on the 13th, so next Wednesday. While it’s been an enjoyable experience so far, I must admit that it can be hard to take in that much and process it all when I’m often walking out of one cinema and straight into another. Now that I have a little more space between films though, I’ll be starting to work through my thoughts on each one and posting about them. The next few weeks should see me posting some brief commentary on each film, followed by proper reviews of several of them. I do have a double feature tomorrow night, and another on Saturday, but if I can I’ll try to get something done on Saturday morning. Otherwise it will be Sunday. This means there won’t be any real gaming being posted about during this time, unless I can convince Jim to do some more guest posts or get another one of the players from my Pathfinder games to write something, so I hope you’ll bear with me while I get this out of the way.

To give an idea of what I’ve thought of the films so far though, I’ve listed them below along with what rating I gave each one in the festival voting.

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