The Iron Kingdoms need you! – A Kickstarter Round-up

NOTE: This is finally finished. I’ve added post project updates to the WARMACHINE: Tactics and Tesladyne project write-ups, and have added write-ups for The Agents and Primeval Thule.

Hey guys,

So I know I said I’d try to get this up on Monday last week, but unfortunately life has a tendency to get in the way. Not going into details, as it’s nothing major, just lots of little things. Anyway, I’m in Sydney for a training course at the moment and had a little while to work on this tonight.

Anyway, it’s time for the Kickstarter round-up that I promised when I did my update about Satellite Reign on Sunday the 28th of July. So, we’ll be talking about a few different projects here, some of which still have a significant amount of time remaining, others that are in their last ten days or so. I haven’t pledged to all of these yet. Some of them I may end up pledging for, others I may not. It all depends on funds and other commitments. However, with the exception of one (which has already finished), they’re all projects I feel deserve some attention and hopefully some significant support. We’ll get to the exception later though.

So, let’s get stuck into it. Welcome to The Grassy Gnoll’s second instalment of the Kickstarter Round-up!

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The Satellite Reign starts now…

Hey guys,

I’m in the process for writing a full Kickstarter round-up, but felt that I needed to get this particular project some attention as soon as possible, since it’s got less than a day to go. Unfortunately I only found out about this project a few days ago, and had been rather busy and unable to get time to write anything up until today. I also felt that this project deserved a bit more attention than I’ll be able to give it in an article with multiple projects.

So, let’s talk about Satellite Reign

Welcome to the neon wonderland of the future, where they really ARE watching you...

Welcome to the neon wonderland of the future, where they really ARE watching you…

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