The Unusual Suspects – Norva Wintarius

Note: This update is as yet unfinished. I did intend to have it up last week, but it’s been unbelievably hectic for me lately, with a trip to Sydney to see Alestorm, someone managing to damage my scooter to the point that I had to take it in for repairs, and trying to finish off work stuff before I take a week off. As I am away for the next week, and I don’t know if I’m going to have any internet access where I am, I’m going to post what I’ve got for this update so far. I’ll be coming back to finish this off at some point in the next fortnight, hopefully by the end of next weekend.

Well, it took a bit longer than I’d hoped, but I’m finally ready to get started on a new series for the blog. Welcome to the first installment of The Unusual Suspects. Each update will focus on a different character that I have created, whether it’s one of my own player characters, a non-player character or a PC I’ve created for one of my friends to use. After a description of the character and a summary of their personality and backstory, I’ll go into detail on the build, including:

  • What sort of game they’re being used in
  • What I did to try and make them an interesting and memorable character
  • How I balanced the build so that the character is useful without having to be the best at everything.

I’m also in the midst of arranging for a friend of mine to do some character artwork for these updates, but at the moment there’s no timeframe for when that will happen. When it does, then I’ll try to get artwork done for the earlier pieces and come back to update them.

So, now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, let’s get started. The first character I wanted to introduce is a recent creation, and has only seen a little bit of play. So let’s take a look at…

Norva Wintarius

A pale, slender woman approaches. At a guess, you’d say that she stands about five feet, ten inches. Her jet black hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail, reaching to the nape of her neck. Althoughly her face is undeniably beautiful, something in the expression betrays a cold demeanour, and her ice blue eyes seem to stare straight through you. Her stance conveys a sense of  easy confidence and poise, as if she is used to getting her own way. Despite being so slim, something about her suggests a surprising amount of physical strength.

While the  flawless complexion and aristocratic bearing suggest nobility, her attire appears more suited to a privateer or pirate. She is clad in well made,but worn leather breeches and boots, with a loose linen tunic. An amber coloured breastplate, embossed with a pattern of waves, is worn over the tunic. Her cloak appears to be made of the hide of a huge manta ray, and is fastened with a silver broach shaped like a bull’s head. A bandolier across the breastplate holds four daggers with elaborately carved hilts, while a whip is coiled at her hip. Upon closer inspection the whip appears to be wreathed in ghostly flames.

A malicious grin spreads across her face, as if she just noticed your presence. There’s a blur as the whip uncoils and lashes towards you. As the whip bursts into dark flames, she steps forward and speaks in dulcet tones ill suited to her harsh words…

“On your knees, you worthless son of a whore! You’re in Norva Wintarius’ crew now, and you’ll do as you’re told. Stay on my good side and you’ll do just fine… Cross me, and I swear by the God of Fires I’ll tear out your soul and feed it to the hellhounds!”

So, that’s the first attempt I’ve made at that particular style of writing in a long time. Hopefully it turned out okay. Now, onto the character analysis. I’ll do up a bit of a glossary at the end.

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