Blood Bowl 2 console players get shafted… (Warning: Profanity)

Hey guys. Just a quick update in order to help work out some anger regarding some downloadable content for Blood Bowl 2. I’m still working on my review for The Ninja Crusade RPG 2nd Edition by Third Eye Games, just taking a bit longer than planned thanks to work and the fact that I’m currently having to read it on my phone, which makes for slow going.

Anyway, onto the rant, which I decided to do in the form of an open letter to Cyanide Studio (the developers) and Focus Interactive (the publishers). Fair warning, there’s profanity aplenty.

An open letter to Cyanide Studio and Focus Interactive RE: Blood Bowl 2 DLC

Hi to whoever ends up reading this at either of the above companies (I’m hoping against hope that it actually makes it to at least one of you),

I’m a long time fan of Blood Bowl. I’ve sunk a stupid amount of time into the first game, and I play at least a few matches a week in Blood Bowl 2, so long as work and other commitments allow it. I’ve been really looking forward to the new teams, especially once I’d heard that hey, if you already owned the game when they came out, they were meant to be free. So I was super excited when I decided to check in and saw that the Norse had finally been released. Right up until I actually read the update. To quote the bit that concerns me:

To respect the PC players of the first Blood Bowl game, which accumulated 23 races through 3 paying editions – we have heard their frustration – we decided to create the FOUNDERS INCENTIVE for PC players of Blood Bowl 2: players will receive the Norse, the Undead, the Necromantic and the Nurgle teams for free, as long as they purchased the game before the races release.

I’m sorry, but “to respect PC players of the first game”? Fuck that noise. I’m one of those players. I’ve paid for every goddamn edition of that game on PC, even after I bought the console version and realised what a shitty game it was, because I was willing to trust that the PC version was better (which it was, though that’s not a very fucking high bar to set). I was running leagues up until last year when the last of my players jumped ship to Blood Bowl 2. So I got it on PS4 for a few reasons:

  • My PC wouldn’t have run it at any reasonable quality
  • My setup here is awful for PC gaming (I don’t have a desk or anything I can sit my keyboard and mouse on, making it a real hassle to play)
  • I knew I’d have some guaranteed opponents amongst friends who bought it on PS4

But hey, to hell with my loyalty to the series, I’m a filthy console gamer, so instead of getting the same teams to the PC players get for free, I’m expected, along with all the other console players, to pay out the arse for the teams. They’re over $10 AUD each here. By the time the 4 new teams are out, I’ll have had to shell out nearly $65 for them and the original two DLC teams. That’s a goddamn joke. I mean for fucks sake, if they’d at least been priced reasonably, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this angry. But I can fucking well buy brand new AAA games on day of release for what I’d have to pay to get these teams that you’re just handing out to PC players. I’m not kidding, I bought Doom and Uncharted 4 (one of the most highly anticipated games of the year) for less than $70 AUD each.

And let’s not forget the fact that your (as in Focus Interactive’s) Community Manager actually stated that they were looking into ways to help our console players back when this whole “first four teams will be free” thing was announced. Seriously, here’s a direct quote from a thread on Reddit about the new teams (Community Manager’s username is Focus_Netheos, post is 5th from the top):

Hey [Name Removed], I’m the community manager of Focus Home Interactive, publisher of Blood Bowl 2.

We’ll be looking for a solution for console players over the coming weeks – we’re equally appreciative of console players, but the system is a little easier to implement on Steam. Nothing certain yet, we’ll get back to you with more info as soon as possible!

So what happened there? You’re “equally appreciative” of us? Bullshit you are.

Let’s think about this for a moment. First of all, console players paid more than PC players did in the first place, unless they found it on sale somewhere, because games generally cost more on console than on PC. Then let’s look at the fact that Blood Bowl’s various editions on Steam (where most PC players would have got it from) were cheaper if you’d already paid for the earlier ones, or were probably picked up by players during the unbelievably cheap sales that Steam does from time to time. So you’re rewarding players who almost certainly paid less for the new game and most likely bought the first game dirt cheap, while charging those who paid more to play it on a console for whatever reason a ridiculous amount per team.

So don’t you fucking dare try to tell me you’re “equally appreciative of console players.” At least have the decency to be honest about what you’re doing, which is, put frankly, screwing us over in favour of the so called PC Master Race (and for the love of god I’m so sick of the response every time one of us console gamers posts a complaint about this situation being a PC gamer coming in and telling us to “join the master race”).

So, that’s it. I’m done. Congratulations Cyanide Studio and Focus Interactive, by attempting to “respect” the PC players, you’ve spat on the rest of the fans and pissed at least some of us off. I don’t even care that you’re involved in the new Call of Cthulhu game, it’s off my list. That’s how goddamn angry you’ve made me. I’m an unbelievably huge Lovecraft fan, and I’m actually willing to not play what looks like a potentially awesome Cthulhu game out of spite. I’m not buying any goddamn thing that you release from here on out. I realise I’m just one person, and this won’t have much of an impact, if any, but I’ll be damned if I’ll just let it go. I honestly hope that other console players are just as pissed off about this as I am, and refuse to buy the DLC. Who knows, maybe enough of us will do it that you’ll actually take note and do something about it.

Until that happy day though, you can take your “PC Master Race only” incentive bullshit and shove it up your collective arse.



One thought on “Blood Bowl 2 console players get shafted… (Warning: Profanity)

  1. BRO, These amongst many others are reasons I will never pay for any dlc from them again. Hey I would even say that I’m okay with dlc as long as it’s Real content. I think this is real….but now here’s another thing that’s Indefensible…I TOO BOUGHT EVERY FUXJIN VERSION ON PC, AND GOT ALL MY FRIENDS TO DO IT (the dorkerie ones like me or that at least like cool shit) AND I GOT IT FOR THEM FOR BB2 because they SAID TO ME….wait til they release a DLc pack…BUT THEY HARDLY COMMUNICATE TO US AT ALL WTF THERE PLANS ARE….another thing….THEY ARE TAKING THINGS WE LOVE (I say things because you mentioned lovecraft and I have some as well)!!…..I am really mad becuse this is a great game…THEY JUST HAVE TO MAKE IT AND ADVERTISE IT THE RIGHT WAY (wtf it’s under sports on PS4). Last thing….WHY ISNT THIS GAME CROSS COMPATIBLE.?!?!?!?!? THE REASON CONCIL VS PC ISNT GOOD IS CUZ OF CONTROL….THIS IS TURNED BASED YOU STUPID, waste of a company….IF YOUR NOT GONNA DO A GOOD JOB (and you fuckin know it) THAN MOOOOOOOOOVE!!!! FUCK YOU!!!

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